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Customized Products Shopping Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $59.78

ICProductConfigurator addresses the needs of businesses that sell and/or provide configurable products and services. It includes a dynamic product configurator which allows you to easily organize items within your store so that they become options that users can select to meet their needs.

- Site Settings - Administrator can define general variables that are used on the site such as admin email address, site url, paypal email, delivery cost.

Account Manager
- Admins - Manage users with admin permissions.

Products Manager
- Orders - Administrator can view all orders with order details and order status.

Category Manager
- Categories - Administrator can define the categories and upload category images on the site.
- Sub Categories - Administrator can define the sub categories of each category and upload an image for each sub category.
- Products - Administrator can manage products, upload product images and define product description, collection of properties for each product and values for them.

Product Configuration
A user can fit product to suit his needs from variety of properties, defined by administrator.

- Constants - Administrator can define text for each word in each language on the site

Main Features:

  • Custom configuration of products
  • Products are sorted by categories and sub categories.
  • Products pictures gallery.
  • Admin panel to manage products, orders, gallery, content of home page and other pages(CMS)
  • Custom configuration of products