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Games Site Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Version: 1.2
License: GNU GPL
Price: $39.98

ICGames is a game directory site script. The script supports multi-language settings. Site users can search for games according to categories. for example: card games, shipping games, action games, motor games...

Site users can also play the game on the site without having to navigate to another site. After playing the game site users can vote and rate the game. A list of all the games on the site appears at the bottom and site user can choose to hide or display the list.

Administrator Panel
Administrators - Administrator can add edit and delete admin accounts that will able to use the Administrator panel.
Languages - Administrator can manage the languages that will appear on the site.
Categories - Administrator can manage the category tree with categories and sub categories and upload images for each category.
Games - Administrator can add and delete games, it is also possible to change the games position to another category.
Subscribers - List of all site members is displayed with name and email and administrator can edit details.
Newsletters - Add new newsletters, define the layout and text in the newsletter and send the letter out to all members.
Links - Administrator can accept links that site users and subscribers enter and also delete the links. Links will not be displayed until they are reviewed by the administrator.
Site Content - All words in the different languages can be edited.

Main Features:

  • Flash Games assorted according to categories.
  • Four languages(English, Spanish, German, French)
  • Posting links inventory
  • Newsletters
  • Votings
  • Advanced search option
  • Administration Panel