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ICloudCenter - About Us

ICloudCenter is a global software and multimedia solutions provider offering cost-effective and reliable IT solutions and services, ranging from simple to complex, across a broad spectrum of technologies and diverse domains.

We can work with you to offer solutions and tools to increase connectivity, manage your information across geographic distances, improve communication and coordination and enable you to effectively utilize your applications and systems over different operating platforms, while addressing concerns of the security and privacy of information.

Our team at ICloudCenter is adept at leveraging artistic skills and ingenuity with technical expertise, to visualize and incorporate the use of colors and graphics to develop solutions in tune with your image and particular requirements. Apart from technical and creative skills, our professionals draw upon managerial expertise and business acumen to maintain an active interaction with you.

Although our solutions require no live support, our dedicated personnel are prepared to go the extra mile to assist you as and when requested according to your specifications.


Our software processes, refined over the last four years, and experiences drawn from our partners and overseas clientele have enabled us to develop highly efficient procedures to successfully handle every aspect of offshore software development. We leverage communication technology to the hilt to ensure smoother operations and efficient coordination with our clients.


A highly skilled and qualified team of application specialists, software engineers and customer-oriented professionals powers ICloudCenter, offering robust and user-friendly solutions. Our young and vibrant work force, working in unison with experienced project managers, is fired with the zeal to deliver on promises and beyond.

Our team at ICloudCenter is a cohesive unit, which enables us to utilize the skills and expertise of each other to analyze and interpret your requirements and offer unique solutions. Although we possess proficiencies in diverse domains, our team of professionals is also geared to undertake further industry specific research to present different options to you as and when required.

  • Resource Pool

    Our team at ICloudCenter draws upon a pool of talented professionals with specializations in diverse domains such as Science, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Business Administration all members of our team have academic degrees.

  • Core Competencies
  • Combination of artistic skills with technical expertise
  • Strong project management skills
  • Functional Proficiencies:

    - Cross-platform application development
    - Multi-media product development
    - Web Applications
    - In-depth knowledge of diverse domains


What is ICloudCenter? ( Read about the company )

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